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Before You Were Born: The Real Jersey Shore
Leveling the Playing Field
Batters Up
Playing the Age Card
The Nervous Breakdown
The Miserable Nurse in the Happy-Faced Scrubs
Top 10 Things He Doesn’t Want to Hear About Your Ex
Good Men Project
You’re Not the First
Effeminate Lumberjacks and Stuffed Turtles
It Takes More Than a Shirt
From Slim Goodbody to the Fresh Beats
Ask Men
How To Survive a Job You Hate 
Top 10: Perverted Behaviors To Stop
Top 10: Scary Girlfriend Behaviors
The Argument Against Yoga
When Dads Get Depressed Who Says Postpartum Is Just for Women?
Asylum Writer Tackles the McDonald’s ‘Mc10:35′ 
How Writing Like an A**hole Gets You a Facebook Fan Group
Get Dumped? Then Donate Your Ex’s Old Junk to Goodwill
How to Get Better Customer Service by Being an A**hole
NFL Scout Discusses Life Chasing the Next Big Football Star 
Challenging My Masculinity — One Writer Dares to Ignore the Maxims of Manhood 1 year ago
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